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Photo credit: RFH High School Yearbook


Former students of RFH have established the George Giffin Memorial Fund to encourage innovation and school spirit through supporting student and teacher generated grants that provide educational services in the sciences, character education, community service, and dance to highlight the legacy of this outstanding teacher and mentor.


IMPORTANT: In the PayPal form, please add your graduation year if you are a RFH alumni (donation amounts will remain private).

Donation by check can be made out to:

RFH Education Foundation

c/o Sonya Maroney

12 Auldwood Lane

Rumson, NJ  07760


A Tribute


Better Than a Thousand Days of Diligent Study is One Day with a Great Teacher.

                                                                                -Japanese Proverb 


Mention Mr. Giffin’s name during any RFH Reunion and you will be met with an avalanche of heartwarming stories about how Mr. Giffin helped shape their lives in so many positive ways. How he picked them up when they were down, taught them valuable lessons about life, energized them to learn science, dancing, drill team, basketball, golf, respect for others and how he was always there to listen and provide encouragement as they went through those difficult adolescent years.


For 35 years from 1956 to 1991, George Giffin seemed to be everywhere at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School. He made Biology fun, taught gawky 16-year-olds how to properly shoot a basketball, established the highly successful RFH Drill Team, opened the door for all to learn the joys of dancing, became a golf instructor, helped with all student governments and activities, and gently encouraged everyone to find their passion in life. 


A memorial fund has been established by alumni of RFH in partnership with the RFH Education Foundation to honor Mr. Giffin. Donations will be used to encourage innovation and school spirit through supporting student and teacher generated grants that provide education services in the sciences, character education, community service, and dance.  Please join us in making a gift to the George Giffin Memorial Fund.


Your generous gift will empower students at RFH to achieve their goals and develop a passion for learning and living - causes that were dear to Giff’s heart.  Thank you!



Our participation goal is 250 donors 

Donor tally updated daily

Donor Alumni & Friends of GGMF

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Help us reach our goal of $35,000!

Total donated updated daily

Thank you to the many generous donors that helped us to achieve

this goal!

The fund will remain open if you would still like to donate.

We look forward to providing updates on grants that will be possible because of the George Giffin Memorial Fund.

Your donation will create opportunities for academic enrichment for current &  future RFH students through grants funded in Mr. Giffin's memory 



Bill Boyd '73

Bill Brinckerhoff '73

Bill Davidson '73

Steve Farley '73

Maura Fitzgerald Ganther '73

Carol Culshaw Prince '73

Cindy Sherman '73

Ellen Duke Spears '73

 Class Champions - 1960's

John Moncrief '61

Bruce Lowe '65

Kim Vuyosevitch Christman '65

Peter Brinckerhoff '66

Nancy Caldwell Sheridan '67

Jeremy Tyree '68

Francis Perry '69

 Class Champions - 1970's

Barbara Dell'Omo '70

Diane Vallis Schneider '71

Lisey Baker Hughes '72

Cory Wingerter ' 73

Dee Ryan Kerner '74

Class Champions - 1980's

Kim Schneider Conley '75

Lisa Sherman '76

Wendy Ostrov Delehanty '77

Elaine Van Develde '78

Liz Barrett Dougherty '79

Frank Leslie '80

Pat Morris Finaldi '84

Megan Pezzuti Pelino '85

Paige Semcer McCann '86

Maureen Lynn '87

Class Champions - 1990's

Colleen Dougherty Doogan '88

Mark Sorrentino '88

Mary Beth Tukis Coleman '88

Susan Kaltenborn Marino '89

Maryann Brainard '90

Bryan Dougherty '91

Beth Dorsey Sanville '92

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 7.53.14 PM.png

Giff was such an important part of RFH. I knew him mostly through Drill Team. What an amazing thing he created with the drill teamers! The drill team got to be at every football game to perform, and we marched and spun rifles in many parades, including the Macy's Day Parade.

Giff also had disco dance lessons that I went to in the senior wing, and when I saw him at my 20th reunion, I danced  five dances with him.  He still was the best dancer there!



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