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2021-2022 GRANT AWARDS

We're honored to announce the first two grants funded by the George Giffin Memorial Fund! Both grants will impact hundreds of students for years to come as they're continuously utilized year over year. Visit this page later this fall to view updated photos of the "grants in action" when the students return to campus in September for the 2022-2023 school year! Thank you for your generous support of the GGMF Mission! 

Chat & Learn Social Skills Development Grant
Grant total: $600 
Funding Source: 100% funded by the George Giffin Memorial Fund 

The RFH students who will benefit from the Chat & Learn grant assisted the teachers with the grant application by selecting the materials and games to request. The Chat & Learn grant consists of social skills development materials and games that will be utilized by students with developmental language, cognitive and social impairments who require systematic, ongoing authentic daily instruction to learn critical social skills. The Chat & Learn grant will be utilized daily by students during RFH’s 9th Period learning hour to help them increase communication and improve language skills to thrive in their social settings and social interactions. 

Lets Chat And Learn!!.jpg
Student Clay Recyling Project Grant
Grant total: $6,880
Funding source: 50% funded by the George Giffin Memorial Fund and 50% funded by the Foundation’s general fund

The Peter Pugger Vacuum Power Wedger, stand, and clay cutter will save thousands of dollars annually that the RFH School District typically spends on the purchase of new clay by enabling the recycling and re-use of hundreds of pounds of scrap clay that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This recycling machine will have a significant positive environmental impact by recycling large quantities of scrap clay that simply cannot be replicated recyling by hand. The Pugger recycling machine will vastly improve air quality in the classroom by eliminating a majority of the clay dust because the students can immediately recycle scrap clay in the machine. RFH's ceramics classes are a collective of very unique high school class offerings that 125 RFH students take part in each school year. The Peter Pugger is a college-level recycling machine that RFH students will be graded on in their use and application of it, providing them with an accelerated experience and a greener classroom. 

Peter Pugger VPM-20SS.jpg
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