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The RFH Education Foundation is thrilled to announce the opening of the newly constructed STEAM LAB. The renovations were generously funded by many parent benefactors including  a $100,000 donation by a private family foundation dedicated to fostering the expansion of the Computer Science and Engineering curriculums. The number of Computer Science students has increased from 24 to 100 in only one year! Ms. Gulick says the increased interest is "space inspired!"   

Display Technolgy: Announcements

The new technology provides a more up to date and digital way of correlating and displaying pertinent information to our students, staff, administration and guests. New monitors were strategically placed throughout the building. The monitors are hooked up to Raspberry Pi computers which run the RiseVision program to display announcements, information and events throughout RFH. Students gain hands on experience by helping to format the Raspberry Pi computers / monitors as well as prepare the software.

AP with WE Service: InsideOut

​RFH High School windows as well as popular businesses around town, hosted these dynamic photos.  The RFH Foundation funded an AP Art History and AP French dual project entitled CHANGEMAKING: FROM CLASSROOM TO COMMUNITY.  Students and teachers demonstrate the correlation between what we feel inside and what we show on the outside. 

Experimenting in Lab
Genetics & Genomics Biolab

The world of genetics and genomics is evolving at the fastest pace we have seen in any period of scientific discovery. RFH's genetics and genomics curriculum were updated with a new mobile genLab and additional state-of-the-art technology. By supplementing the school's current electrophoresis equipment with PCR technology for DNA amplification and digital genome sequencing equipment, students are now able to experience and participate in a real world scientific endeavor for enhanced college readiness in the STEM subject areas. 

El Barrio Art & Mercado Little Spain Tours, NYC

AP Spanish students examined how El Barrio’s identity is defined and reflected through its public art, murals, and gardens. Film Club students documented the events of the day, taking video of student presentations at each of the street art stops. They then compiled and edited the videos to share with RFH Spanish classes, the RFH Education Foundation, and parents. AP students were then able use the final video as a review for the cultural comparison component on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

Vex Robotics

The classroom starter bundle of Vex V5 Robots includes 6 kits that are aligned to Computer Science (CSTA), Technology (ISTE) and Common Core State Standards. The use of the Vex V5 will be implemented into the Engineering curriculum, incorporating a hands-on STEM experience with an introduction into computer science. The Vex V5 Classroom Starter Bundle comes with a scalable software suite (VEXcode) and a series of labs to help develop a students ability to think critically and problem solve. Students will follow a sequence of learning experiences that will require students to build an artifact and speculate the artifacts’ application to the real world. 

MakerBot 3D Printer

Two MakerBot 3D printers will provide 2100 hours of printing and access to 600 hours of curriculum. The cloud-based platform allows students to individually design and print. The printers will be integrated into the newly redesigned Graphics, Engineering and Computer Science classes. The grant will create new and dynamic ways to enhance students STEM problem solving and engineering design models by physically producing their own computer generated designs. 

Lets Chat And Learn!!.jpg
Chat & Learn Social Skills Development 

Fully funded by the George Giffin Fund, the Chat & Learn social skills development materials and games will be utilized by students with developmental language, cognitive and social impairments that require systematic, ongoing authentic daily instruction to learn critical social skills. The Chat & Learn grant will help students increase communication and language skills during their 9th Period learning hour. The RFH students who will benefit from this grant assisted with the grant request by selecting the materials and games in the grant application 

Peter Pugger VPM-20SS.jpg
Peter Pugger Clay Recycling Machine 

Funded in part by the George Giffin Fund, the Peter Pugger Vacuum Power Wedger will save thousands of dollars annually by enabling the re-use of approximately 1,000+ pounds of scrap clay each school year.  It will have a significant positive environmental impact by recycling large quantities of scrap clay for re-use, reducing waste, improving air quality in the classroom by eliminating clay dust, and expanding class time for project work. RFH's ceramics classes are a very unique high school class offering that 125 RFH students take part in each school year. The Peter Pugger is a college-level recycling machine that the RFH students will be graded on in their use of it.  

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