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Solving Math Problem
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21st Century Math Classroom

Your donation will transform Room 511 into a pilot math classroom for the 21st century.  The new furniture will create an environment that nurtures collaborative, student centered mathematics instruction.  Your student will be able to engage with the curriculum, working in a variety of student groupings, sharing their problem solving process and critiquing the reasoning of their classmates in a way that enhances their understanding of the content. 

In September, this classroom will be used by five sections of math classes ranging from Freshmen to Seniors.  It will also be available for three periods so that teacher’s within the department can have access to the space enabling them to adapt activities with the use of the new classroom environment.  The full scope of this project is to pilot the furniture within one classroom to vet the furniture and develop a plan for the remaining math classrooms and how the layout would best meet the needs of all mathematics students.
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