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RFH Community Partners To Continue Legacy Of George Giffin

March 16, 2021

RUMSON — Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School alumni have partnered with the RFH Education Foundation to memorialize George Giffin, a Biology teacher, educational leader, advisor, mentor, and friend who inspired Bulldogs for 35 years and made his mark in the community locally throughout his entire adult life.

George, or “Giff” as his students affectionately called him, taught biology at RFH from 1956-1991 and also served as Chairman of the Science Department. While a teacher at the high school, he was at different times both the girls and boys basketball coach as well as the school golf coach.

Looking for an opportunity for girls to be more involved in school activities, Giff created and developed the Girls Rifle Drill team which at one time numbered 100 girls and performed at all football games as well as participated for a number of years in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC.

Giff was also involved in student government and activities through the position of class advisor. More informally, he enjoyed sharing his love of ballroom dancing with students in the high school, as well. According to students who were inspired by him, “Mention Mr. Giffin’s name during any RFH Reunion and you will be met with an avalanche of heartwarming stories about how Mr. Giffin helped shape their lives in so many positive ways: how he picked them up when they were down, taught them valuable lessons about life, energized them to learn science, dancing, drill team, basketball, golf, respect for others, how he was always there to listen and provide encouragement as they went through those difficult adolescent years and how he consistently and gently motivated everyone to find their passion in life.”

The Class of 1991 dedicated their senior yearbook to Giff and 30 years later, his students are still inspired by his impact.

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